Saturday, September 24, 2011

Windows Updates KB2468871 and KB2533523 Keep Reinstalling

On one of my workstations, Windows 7 kept re-installing two updates, KB2468871 and KB2533523, even though the installations were successful each time.

KB2468871 is titled "Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 on Windows...". More details on this update can be found here.
KB2533523 has the same title, and more details on this update can also be found at Microsoft's website.
Some folks on the internet suggested downloading the update packages and installing them manually. So I did that. It did not help. Some suggested that the update should be done in safe mode. That did not work.

It turned out that for me, the cause of the problem was that I had a .NET 4 beta component installed, and I forgot to remove it.
I saw it when I decided I was going to reinstall .NET 4. So I removed it. Now these updates are no longer trying to re-install themselves, finally.


  1. What did that ".NET beta component" that you removed look like in the programs control panel?

    I have exactly the same problem, but I do not see any .NET components labelled as "beta".

  2. Perfect, thanks a heap for that help. This turned out to exactly fix my problem, after getting nowhere with the Update troubleshooter or the Microsoft help. Not sure how I got the Beta installed, but anyway, your fixed did the trick!

  3. johnbinsc, it's called something like "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended Beta 2".

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  5. Sorry, I did not see these comments until today, which is more than half a years later :(. I need to find out how to see the comments when I come back to my blog. Thanks dangph.

  6. try this, in Win 7, go to programs & Features, scroll down programs until u come to Net framework.4 Extented then remove it. NOT the Net Framework.4 client profile (leave this one). I did this and update KB2468871 did not try to reinstall itself as its part of a Beta version.